To the Parents that Bring their Toddlers Skiing and Snowboarding

Before children, we spent our winter weekends in the Colorado mountains snowboarding until our powder loving hearts were content.  We took breaks when we felt like it, spent hours doing run after run and loved every moment of it.  Fast forward to many years and multiple children later, we are still trying to find that balance between spending enough time with our kids being full-time working parents, and still enjoying our hobbies that aren’t so toddler-friendly.  Snowboarding is one of those hobbies.  This past weekend we took our 2-year-old and 4-year-old with us, yet again, to the mountains for a day of powder fun.  Now the 4-year-old is old enough to be in ski school and old enough to easily entertain.  This post is for the moms and dads with babies and toddlers at home.  This post is for those brave moms and dads that bring their toddlers (that are a handful) with them to “relax” on the slopes.  On the way to Winter ParkYou’re brave and committed.  You’re not letting all the negative comments change your way of life.  You know the comments I’m talking about, “It’ll change your life…you won’t be able to do what you want”.  Well, I’m here to tell you – you can.

You can continue to snowboard or ski without spending $150 a day on resort daycare.  We do it every month….and he’s the many reasons I think you’re awesome for bringing your toddler to the mountains:

  • You’re exposing your kids to being outside in the winter and on the mountain.
  • Your kids are watching and learning about snow sports!
  • Yes, it may be a bit hectic while you and your husband take turns taking runs.  But think of the fun your little ones are having exploring their winter surroundings!
  • You’re setting a wonderful example for your kids of what fun being in the outdoors year round is!  Why not expose them early on so they know what to expect growing up!

IMG_9080Yep – that’s me in my snowboarding gear changing my toddler’s diaper.  Yes – I’m probably the only mom that’s used the diaper changing station this season.  (I know this because it was in pristine condition and there were changing pads in the holder which NEVER happen!  Ever.)

My toddler enjoyed eating lunch.  He enjoyed playing in the snow and making snow angels.  He learned how to make a snowball.  He got some great practice walking in snow and looks incredibly adorable wearing his snow gear.

IMG_9068Don’t let the nay-sayers stop you from doing what you want and enjoying your favorite pre-children activities.  Find ways to incorporate them.  Bring them to the ski resorts and show them that soon they will learn to ski or snowboard as well.  Don’t get that babysitter to watch them at home.  While I must admit I was not excited about toting the kids with us at first, it’s become a fun family day outside in the Colorado snow.  The kids look forward to one-day learning themselves and my husband and I got to still do our favorite winter sport…with toddlers in tow!


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