How I Potty Trained my 2 year old in 3 days!

Potty Training Bootcamp in 3 days!


When my youngest was born in January of 2014, my daughter was a little over 2 years old.  Up until this point she had absolutely NO interest in going on the “big girl potty”.  We tried many, many times to get her to come into the bathroom when we had to potty, to learn what we were doing.  Most times she thought it was a game and would sit on her potty and make faces, grunting noises and say “done” with nothing in the potty after it was all said and done of course.  You all know can relate I’m sure.
Bringing home a little one, who of course was also in diapers, was a little too much after a few week of spending far too much time changing diapers.
Changing 2 Diapers at once
“Not one, but TWO poopy diapers at once! Yay fun!” – Said NO ONE EVER


Since I was home on maternity leave from work, I figured now was the time to do it!
So I began the search for the best way to potty train, sought advice from family and friends, looked on Pinterest for tips.  Then I stumbled across the “3 day potty training method” that I read about first on
Three day’s seems intense, but I try to live by the motto “anything worth having is worth working for”, and potty training my toddler was SO very worth a 3 days of sacrifice!

Here’s what I did.

Supplies you’ll need:
  • rewards: stickers, candy etc.
  • paper to start a potty chart (optional)
  • movies to watch
  • games to play/coloring supplies/etc
  • anything to keep a toddler entertained
  • towels
  • LOTS of patience

Day One

On day one, the method calls for 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off the toilet.
ALL day. 
I chose to put her in big girl underwear this day.  She got to pick out Disney princess ones that she loved!
Some tips I had heard from others was “if they like the pattern, she’ll want to keep it clean”.  
We started after breakfast. 
We made a ‘camp’ in our bedroom, right next to the bathroom and near toys and the TV for movies.
Every 5 minutes we did the on and off technique.  (Taking care of a newborn and doing this was NOT easy….so I recommend doing this before baby arrives if you’re expecting.)
Every time she made any pee into the potty, even drops, I would make a HUGE deal and celebrate. 
When she would actually pee or poo, I would give her an M&M and she got to choose a sticker to put on her potty chart.

Potty Training Time with Elmo

Here she is reading about how Elmo will potty in the toilet while doing her 5 minutes on.

The potty chart was literally a piece of paper with Poo and Pee across the top in columns.  When she would do one, she put a sticker on the right column.
This was fun for her and an incentive.  The M&M’s (which she had never had before then, we don’t give her candy ever really) was a good reward for a job well done.
Temper wise, she did really good this day.  She was cooperative and liked the ‘game’ she thought we were playing.  Not until the very end of the day (when I was exhausted from the routine) did she start refusing and throwing a fit to sit on the potty.  This night we did a earlier bedtime with a pull-up on.  (First time.  We called it big girl bedtime underwear.)
The next day she woke up and did pee during the night.


Since we were both tired of sitting in the same room all day, we found a new spot in the house. This time in the living room.  Bigger area but still made a potty spot.
Watching a Movie on the potty 

She was much more annoyed by the 2nd day with the routine and began to say in her toddler language only a mother can understand at times “I no wike potty!!”  (This is adorable….get this on video cause one day you’ll laugh and cherish this time!)
Because of this, she would end up with me very frustrated and her crying on the toilet.
When this would happen I would let her sit on the towel with no underwear and cool off.  I wanted her to want to do this…not force her. 
We still used the same reward system, sticker and M&M’s.
One day 2 I decided to for-go the underwear! Just a towel on the ground where she sat.
I’m not gonna lie, I was super nervous she was going to unload urine all over my floors this day, but she did really good and never made me deal with that mess!
This day she helped me pour out the pee/poo into the toilet and flush.  Flushing was a fun new game.
“Bye-bye pee pee” was a new phrase on day 2. 
A phrase she still likes to say when she flushes.  Adorable right.
This day was harder I felt then day one was.
She really threw bad fits this day and I felt like I was forcing her to do something she hated.  But then every so often she would do great and potty like a big girl.  So I pushed on.
At lunch she peed all over her seat.  AND didn’t tell me.  This made me worry that ‘she’s not ready’.
By the time my husband came home that night I made him take over for a bit.
I quite frankly was REALLY tired of the ‘routine’.  I know Violet was too! 
That night we did another pull up.  But with such a hard/bad day, I was questioning if she was getting it at all, and if I should just wait a few months until she’s more “ready”.
Potty Training with the Towel

Day 3

Let me start out by saying that Violet has always waken up with a completely soaked diaper… every single morning since she was an infant.  She has never, ever woken up dry.
That was until day 3.
The day I was going to give up.
I was SO very excited when I saw she didn’t pee all night that I jumped up and down, laughed and said good girl about 25 times.
This day we had less routine.
I kept the underwear on her today and she did a good job at keeping them dry.
Every hour or so I would just tell her “lets go potty”.  I made the mistake on day two of asking “do you need to potty” when the answer is always no, which led to a break down crying fit when she ended up sitting on the potty.
I knew it all ‘clicked’ for her this day because each time we would sit on the potty, she would completely empty her bladder.  This also was the first day she pooped in the toilet.
Did I mention that yet…probably not.  She didn’t poop the first 2 days, and was obviously holding it.  Which  made me nervous and anxious about my decision to train her.
I still did the sticker chart and with the first poo, she got 4 M&M’s.  She figured out that poop meant more candy right away so she tried to poop all the time.  Then would demand her pay.
All in all, she’s done great ever since.  We’ve had very few accidents, very few moments of mommy losing her patience.  She overall did amazing and I can say in 3 days, after not being interested AT ALL in potty training, was about 90% potty trained.
In the following weeks she began to finally ask to go potty, instead of me having to prompt her each time.  We also transitioned very easily from the potty chair to potty seats that go over the toilet seat.  We found a mickey mouse one that she loved!  We did this about 2 weeks later.
We did keep her in a pull-up, I know some may frown at this, but she wakes up dry 99% of the time.  So this past week we stopped the pull up and she’s only in underwear now.
She got it, I got to stop buying diapers and wipes for 2 babies, and all was well in the house!
::cue me dancing::
My advice, being so very clueless as to what I should do to help train my own daughter, try this method.  
If you have 3 days to devote to staying home and being a potty training guru….
DO IT!  You will be so glad you did on day 4!
AND if you have a boy….I hear they’re harder! 🙂  #SorryCantHelpwithBoys #yet
Do you have any potty training tips?  I’d love to hear them! 

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