How I Got Back Over $50 On My Grocery Bill in 3 Months

Today I realized something…I’ve been saving my ibotta rebates for a few months now.  So I decided to check my balance.  Low and behold I have over $50 in my Ibotta account. Yeahhhh!!!! I joined Ibotta in July….3 months later I have $51 in my account (which I transferred to my paypal account to shop online!! shhhh).  🙂

If you’re not using Ibotta you should be….because over $50 back on my grocery purchases is awesome.  AND Ibotta is soooo very easy to use.

Head here to read my post on HOW TO USE IBOTTA.  If you’re already familiar with the concept, head here to sign up and start getting money back on your purchases!  IF you use my link to sign up I do receive a sign up bonus!  Once you sign up for Ibotta, refer your friends and family and you’ll get a bonus as well.  Sometimes that’s as high as $5 a person!! Let me know if you sign up…I’d love to personally thank you! 🙂



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