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Big Announcement!

(disclosure: prAna provided me with products to sample these products to provide my honest thoughts)

About a year ago, I wrote a post called “Should I have a 3rd Child?”  It felt cathartic to write, it helped me really get my feeling out and also hear some feedback from readers!   (Which by the way had better advice then my own family did!  Thanks guys). 

SO began the decision…we’re gonna try for a third child.   If it’s supposed to happen it will…if it’s not supposed to…it won’t.   That was kind of my thought on the whole dilemma. 

Month by month I began to lose hope…I wasn’t getting pregnant.   So then we’d stop trying….a vacation coming up was usually the reason to stop trying.  (Who wants to be sick on vacation?  Been there, done that in NAPA of all places!  i.e. torture for this wine loving mama). 

Each month when I wasn’t getting pregnant, I began to start accepting that our family of 4 was complete, and 4 is what we were gonna stay.  

Then….in July I woke up one day just not feeling right.   You know ladies all the tell tale signs.  Falling asleep at random times, sore boobs, breakouts, a few days late on your period.  All those instinctive feeling started in.  I sent my hubby to the store asap for a pregnancy test.  

Then sure enough:


Postive Pregnancy Test

Week 5: I felt amazing.  Everyday I woke up excited, but also weary.  I knew the storm was coming…every day I was thankful to still feel good….then week sick started.

Week 6, 7, 8: aka pure hell.  

With my last two pregnancies I got sick.  My 1st pregnancy was much worse then my 2nd.  (1st- girl, 2nd – boy).  I knew what I was in for.  But THIS time….was WAY MORE MISERABLE!  Maybe it was because I’m working full-time and had to get up and function each day.  Maybe it’s because I’m older…or maybe this pregnancy really is the sickest I’ve been in pregnancy.  Who knows…but those 3 weeks were beyond rough!  BEYOND!  My days consisted of being extremely nauseated, on the edge of vomiting everyday, all day and all night.  I was either at work, or laying in bed.  Crying.

I turned to my Dr, asking for Diclegis.  If anyone has ever used Diclegis know it does help with nausea, but it has it’s own side effects.  Instead of extreme nausea, I had moderate nausea with extreme lethargy and overall feeling “icky” as I called it.   Who knows if I would’ve felt better without the Diclegis but needless to say I used it and I’m finally though those horrible weeks!  

Because of how horrible I felt, these weeks I completely stopped getting ready in the mornings.  I would shower, put my hair in a bun and go.  Most days I’m not even sure if my clothes matched.  I was a HOT. MESS!  (I love fashion, I enjoy trying to look “put together” and ready for work each day.  But nope…I didn’t give a darn about my hair, clothes or make-up.  That was a dead giveaway for many that I was sick).  

Week 9 and 10: On top of the horrible weeks of 6-8, I also began having horrible dreams!  Vivid, creepy, bad dreams most of the time.   Wonderful hormones.  My skin freaked out (and still kind of is), I look like a pubescent teenager skin wise.  THAT I can handle at least.  These few weeks of 9 and 10, my sleep began to get horrible!  Nightmares, and 4-5 trips to the bathroom.  Needles to say I still felt icky and sick…just more bareable.   Overall 1st trimester has been pure torture so far!   lol. BUT it’s so very worth it….really! (I also stopped taking the Diclegis this week).

Now on to week 11 and 12: I’m finally starting to feel more like myself.  My sleep still isn’t great but that’s expected in pregnancy…and my belly has REALLY popped out.   That brings about new issues….my wardrobe.  (Every pregnancy has this issue.  EVERY!)

ALL My clothes from my last pregnancy are 4 – 6 years old.  Wearing out of style, maternity clothes sounds horrible right?  It is.   I’m refusing to do it.

I don’t want to spend a ton of money on maternity wear (if any at all)…so I have a plan!  My current favorite brand prAna gave me some inspiration for maternity friendly fashion, without actually being maternity clothes!  (That way when I’m not pregnant next year, I can wear all the items still and I didn’t waste all my money yay!!).
It’s taken 3 pregnancies to figure this out! THREE.   Really!

I’m sharing with you my favorite items that I’m currently wearing from prAna while in my first, almost second trimester!  Again…they’re regular clothes and not maternity!   (That’s the beauty of it!)

The Daria sweater hoodie:
I’m all about oversized tops…especially for fall.  Give me a cute baggy sweater and I’m a happy lady. I’m loving the Daria Sweater hoodie from prAna for my baby belly and the best part is, I’ll be able to wear it again next year!  (When I’m {*cough} losing all the baby weight!)

11 Weeks Pregnant

The Deco Crop Capri:

I’ve told myself -“this pregnancy is going to be different….this pregnancy I’m going to workout and stay in-shape”.  After my months of doing NOTHING in August, (laying in bed) I’ve already lost a ton of my muscle tone.  Crazy how fast your body will change right?  

So I’m loving the Deco Crop Capri for my prenatal workouts…that I started this week!  (yay me!)

These capri’s are low enough that I can roll them down and still use them to workout!  Next year when I’m back to pre-baby weight…I’ll be LIVING in these capris!  I love the fit, the material and the detail at the bottom!   prAna really does make some amazing clothes that are quality!

Deco crop

Thank goodness for prAna this pregnancy… and for clothes that I can wear again! (Post baby!)

If you’re looking for some functional, consciously made clothing this fall…look not further then prAna!  You can also get 15% off your next order by using code: MHMJP15!  

Thanks for following along…I’ll be sure to update my pregnancy progress for all 40 weeks! (Actually 37, but I’ll explain that later)   Stay tuned for more! 🙂 

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  • Lori Lavender Luz September 7, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    Jessi! Big congrats — how exciting for you and your family!

    I’m glad you have versatile and fashionable clothing to get you through for awhile 🙂

    Wishing you a feel-good and uneventful several months.


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