2016 Year in Review : Growth, Lessons, and Losses

I have to admit, New Years is probably one of my least favorite holidays.  I know I’m Debbie Downer, butt (typo and I’m keeping it!) there’s something depressing about starting yet another year.   When I was young-er, I loved NYE.  I was 16, 20, 25, time wasn’t so scary.  Now that I’m much older, (umm hmm) I don’t want the let my year go.  It means my kids are getting older, my family is getting older and I’M getting older.  Some say aging is a gift, and although it is, it’s also a bit depressing.  SO my 2016 year in review starts on a sad but true note.  2017 is sure to be just as hard to let go of, but before I talk about 2017, here’s what my 2016 looked like.

As with every year, both happy and sad times were had.  We went on a 10 day dream vacation to Disney World and Florida.  We spent some time in Mexico last summer, took numerous trips to Snowboard in the Colorado mountains and spent weekends in the summer camping and exploring the outdoors.  One of the many reasons I love Colorado.  I also began making my blog a legit part time job, and have LOVED every second of it.  I dream of doing this full time (which is a goal for 2017)!  You can read all about my monthly income reports here!

Last February I started a MLM business and joined ItWorks!.  I started out really growing and making great money, but alas my blog was on the back burner, which I didn’t love.  Blogging is a passion, the MLM was not a passion and more of a money making opportunity. My heart wasn’t in it and I felt more stressed then excited about it.  So my lesson from starting the business was unless it’s a passion, don’t pursue it (business wise, and probably in life in general).  

In November I also had surgery to remove a tumor on my shoulder (recovery sucked) and a few weeks later I lost my sweet Grandmother.  A loss that was inevitable, but nonetheless not easy.  Grief is no stranger in my family with he loss of my father 3 years ago.  I feel more apt to deal with loss and definitely have a more spiritual approach to “what’s next”.  As much as I will miss my Grandma, I know she’s with my Dad again, watching over us all. 

I made some positive changes to my daily routine, and began exercising again in 2016!  SO very needed after both of my pregnancies.  The 21 Day Fix Extreme was the routine that really helped me regain my strength and realize that I don’t need a gym membership to get in shape.  So I quit my gym and have been doing all my workouts at home.  Which I love.  I no longer have to leave home, after being gone all day working, to work up a sweat!  AND I love that my kids get to see me working out and will often join in to “esercize” too, as my toddler says. 

I realized that as we get older, friendships are harder to keep.  In 2016 some of my longest friendships seemed to fizzle out.  Not sure why now, but what I can say about friendships when you’re older is they’re harder to keep.  People change, lifestyles changes.  What I also can say is it takes a friend to be a friend.  Friendship shouldn’t be one sided.  When you’re the only one inviting, trying to make plans and the only one reaching out to connect it can become tiresome.  As I told my husband, I want friends that want to be friends.  Not that are around for when it’s convenient.  Hopefully in 2017 either the friendship reconnects the way it should or I make some amazing new mom friends.  (Which are hard to find!  There should be a mom friend dating site too.  My selections would be based on the amount of wine drinking and type of music you listen too, cause that’s what really matters. lol).

2017 is bound to bring the same challenges that every year does, and I’m not one for resolutions.  What I will do is continue to treat my body good, make it a point to spend quality time with my loved ones and find adventure in all traveling we do.  I look forward to growing my blog, making new friends and watching my babies turn into little humans that make us laugh, cry and be so thankful each and every day for them. 

Cheers to 2017! And thank you for following along!

What are your resolutions for 2017? 



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