New Products from Madison Reed: STYLE and TAME

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Right now I’m at that point with my hair….that point where you want it to be long or you’re gonna just cut it all off. I have wavy, thick hair. It’s not a cute wave, not the beach babe wave…No. It’s the, I don’t know how to style my hair completely wave. It sucks. Really. For almost a year now I’ve been using Madison Reed as my at home hair coloring kit.  It’s a fraction of the price as the salon and for me, it actually lasts longer and looks better.  My hair looks healthier with hair color then without. You can read my first review of Madison Reed here!

Madison Reed just launched their new STYLE and TAME products! I’ve yet to try, but I’m ordering them to try and tame my crazy hair!

STYLE is a lightweight styling cream that provides frizz-fighting hold, while conditioning and protecting hair.  Think Smooth and Shine.  Think sleek and straight styles!

TAME is a lightweight smoothing emulsion that makes hair more manageable and adds shine before and after styling.  Think smooth waves that are bouncy and healthy!

Both products nourish hair with natural hydrating oils!  That’s the key for me….natural!!!  No one needs harsh chemicals added to their hair routine when we have enough damage done with heat products and the sun!

One great feature Madison Reed provides is the one time purchase option for schedule convenient deliveries that you can cancel at anytime. I’ve tried many products from Madison Reed and they ALL Smell amazing…so hopefully STYLE and TAME are the same! If you’ve tried them leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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