A Bad Moms Christmas – How to plan YOUR Girls Night Out

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The Holiday season is almost here, which means a crazy, hectic yet FUN time for all Mom’s alike.  If you’re like me, you’ve been watching the new trailer for the upcoming movie A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS.  (You can see the trailer here.)  Raise your hands Mom’s if you feel like this is YOU every Holiday?

This year I’m planning to have a less hectic, and less stressful holiday season.  Sure……

 Here’s to hoping right.  Instead I’m going to PLAN a reprieve – A night to get away from all of the holiday chaos and spend some time with my girls!  Yay! It’s the gift that keeps on giving…girl time!


And I’m not talking about a craft day-in, or an ugly sweater party.  I’m talking about a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!  

To be exact…I’m going to show you HOW to plan your own girls night out this holiday season to just breathe…….and relax!


This year being pregnant with my 3rd, a girls night out will mean a movie night for me.  Which is PERFECT since I’m so excited to see A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS!  How can you not be…watch this clip below:


Evite helps to make getting together effortless and more memorable.  Which is exactly the goal of our girls night out right?  Evite is always the easiest way to bring friends and family together for any event.  Be There™ Ladies! 🙂

Here’s what you do to plan your Girls Night Out:  

  • Start your girls night preparation by sending out an Evite® invitation!  (Hint: Evite has “A Bad Moms Christmas” specific cards…so if you’re looking to plan a movie night use these!)
  • Be sure to plan a night after Nov 1st (the movie comes out then).
  • Buy your tickets!
  • Make plans for before and after the movie!  Will it be dinner? Drinks?  Dessert?  Shopping?  Not a bad idea to get a head start on your Holiday shopping with your girls!   
  • Mark that day on your calendar and look forward to it all month! 🙂  After all the movie looks completely relatable to all moms and absolutely hilarious!

Here’s to a BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS!  Enjoy the season Moms!



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