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15 Must Have Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a time in your life that needs to be documented.  For me, I was not great with writing down my weekly “feelings” and thoughts.  So I tried to take pictures instead.  Maternity photos so to speak.  I didn’t love taking  pictures pregnant but knew I had to…Really ladies… YOU HAVE TO!

I felt huge…my face was round and my whole body hurt. BUT, I’m so glad I did.  I get to show my kids now photos of them in mommy’s belly.   Once my kids saw my pregnancy photos, they began asking lots of questions about HOW they were born, so I shared with them a quick snippet of each of their birth stories.  

Ten minutes after the story my three year old stated “I wanna be in your belly again!  So I can be born again!”   Ughhhhh Did that sound fun somehow?  lol.  The funny things little kids say!  🙂 

A good friend of mine is pregnant, and is due in a month.  She had yet to take her maternity photos.  Maternity photos with a professional photographer are so expensive…and not every family-to-be can afford them.  You can spend $400 on paying a photographer to shoot them, or you can spend that much to get your own DSLR camera…that you can use forever!   Since I own a camera, I volunteered to take some for her! (I’m not a photographer…but I feel most people with an DSLR camera can take these photos…see below.)


Since I’m not a photographer, I did have to spend a little time on Pinterest, looking for photos that I knew I could take.   After some research, I came up with a list of must have photos.  My friend and her husband also had their own list, so together – we had a GREAT photoshoot and came up with these 15 must have maternity photos!

Lighting tips: 

  • Find a location, like a park or nature trail, where you have lots of trees/grass/plants.  
  • Take photos about 1.5 hours before the sun completely sets.  You want low lighting with no sun shadows!  Or early in the am, before the sun is high in the sky.
  • If you can’t go later in the evening (or early) find a nicely shaded area.  Shoot in the shade!


If you’re looking for a list of photos you’d like to show your photographer you’re in the right place because I’m wrapping them all up into one post for ya!  (All photos were edited for free on PicMonkey)


All-in-all we took over 100 photos, but these 17 were on my must have/must shoot maternity photo list!  (Surprise you got 2 more photos then you expected)

Be sure to bring this list along to your maternity photoshoot and enjoy every shot!

Congratulations mama!  🙂  I hope this helps you save some time and money to get the maternity shots you want!  


15 Must Have Maternity Photos - (for your photoshoot) - JessiLivingLovely

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