Vega Lash Results - Before and After

VegaLash Results after 14 Days – My Results

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You’ve been seeing them everywhere….Ads for all of the lash products that give “fuller, longer lashes”.  You know you’re curious…do these products work? 

Personally I’ve been very interested to see if they actually work.  Who doesn’t want longer and thicker lashes?   But are these products too good to be true?   

Well I’m here to help you save some time and possibly money on testing out products as I’ve tried out the popular VegaLash!  (I tested for 2 weeks, every day, applying the serum to my lash base 2x a day).

Here are my personal before and after results!

Here’s my lashes BEFORE:

They’re short, (always have been) and not very full!  🙁

After 14 days of applying VegaLash, here are my after results

Vega After


Can you see lengthening?!  I’m loving my results…each day I look forward to putting on my mascera because I actually have lashes to work with!

Would I recommend VegaLash?  YES!  It’s not only guaranteed, but it does work!  And the ingredients are safe!  All natural and vegan ingredients!  

It’s also affordable.  If you interested in learning more, head here to read more about VegaLash


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