The Sunglass Lenses YOU Need this Summer

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Summer is officially here, which means it’s time for YOU to step up your sunglasses game.  Did you know that June 27th is National Sunglasses Day?  It is…so time to get some Lenses!

I have the latest and greatest pair of sunglass lenses for you to celebrate with!  They’re Xperio UV polarized sun lenses that both protect your eyes and complete your style!  (My current style is MOM Style…lol.  Running around town with my hair in a bun with my absolute favorite sunglass lenses on!)


Did you know that 94 percent of people don’t realize that the sun can be just as harmful to their eyes as it is to their skin?  Who’s guilty of buying cheap gas station sunglasses?  Sadly, I’m guilty!  I spent my teenage years and early twenties buying the throw away lenses.  Mainly because I loose glasses or breath them.  But then I began actually seeing sun damage in my eyes.


I developed an eye condition called ‘Pingueculae’ in my twenties.  (I used to lifeguard with those CHEAP gas station sunglasses and lenses for so many years!)  Years of exposure to the sun with no UV protection.  

Pingueculaeis is essentially a yellowish raised bump on the sclera (white part) of your eyeball.  It’s common in people that spend a lot of time in the sun and have Ultraviolet Radiation damage.  It doesn’t hurt.  It’s not something I feel when I blink, but it does make my eyes look discolored and yellow.  When I look into the mirror at my eyes (while doing make-up of course) it’s on the of the first things I see!

What a hard lesson to learn right?!  

The moral of the story…don’t buy cheap sunglasses!

Instead, spend a little money and invest in your eyes…your vision will thank you later in life!  My favorite option for UV protection and style are the Xperio UV lenses. 


Xperio UV lenses provide maximum UV protection to your eyes by protecting them from glare and harmful UV rays on BOTH sides of the lenses! (Up to 50 percent of UV rays that reach the eyes come from reflection off the back surface of the lens which is why backside protection like that offered from Xperio UV is crucial)

Xperio UV Sunglasses

 Xperios are also scratch resistant and easy to clean!  Did I mention they also come in a variety of colors and fit into a wide variety of frames?  They do, and  they are also available to fit to your eyewear prescription if needed. 

I’m loving the color definition I get with my new lenses!  Today while driving, I was driving right into the sunset.  The sun glare is always hard to drive into, but the Xperio Lenses made it a breeze!  No glare and no painful sun stare!  I’m so glad I found these lenses.  

I will never go back to cheap lenses thanks to the Xperios!  (And you shouldn’t either!)  

To learn more visit the Xperio website or check out Essilor on social media!

(Essilor is the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of  Xperios and boast the largest wholesale laboratory network in the US serving opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists nationwide!  To learn more check out Essilor on Facebook and Twitter!)

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