DIY Homemade Slime Recipe

Have you been seeing all those stories about the fun, homemade slime recipe’s all over Pinterst and Facebook?   Well I have, and of course, I wanted to make my kids some slime.  About a month ago I went over to Michaels, where they have a Slime HQ.  I stocked up on everything I’d need to make slime.  I found an easy video of how to make slime and went home to attempt making this slime recipe.   A few things were wrong with my 1st attempt.  I’ll tell you all about them so you don’t waste your money like I did.   


First I found a video with no actual measurements on it!  The lady had images of water, glue, baking soda, glitter etc, but failed to leave the details about the exact measurements.   I should’ve noticed this mistake before I went out and bought all the ingredients she had in her images.  This is essentially a science experiment people, there’s a chemical reaction going on.  We need exact measurements! Here we are, failing at our first slime recipe.   (We used way too much water, and didn’t let the baking soda dissolve.  This recipe that I’m sharing with you does not use baking soda…keep reading).   

Slime Fail! Too much water...not enough baking soda!

After searching Pinterest and the internet for a real Slime Recipe, I finally landed on what that had measurements!  Its from Steve Spangler Science. 

Here is what you need: 

  • Borax (1tsp)
  • 8oz Elmer’s glue (I bought two 4 oz bottles)
  • Mixing bowl (big)
  • Small bowl for 1 cup of water
  • 8oz of water measured out
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Something to stir glue!
  • Paper towels
  • Parchment paper (to place the slime on as it forms)

DIY Homemade Slime Recipe

How to Mix Your Slime Recipe

  1. First you completely mix in the 1tsp of Borax, into 1 cup of warm water (8oz).  Make sure the borax dissolves.  Set this aside. 
  2. In the large bowl, add the 8oz of glue.  
  3. In your medium size bowl, measure out 8oz of water.
  4. Then to the 8oz of glue, add the 8oz of water.  Stir!
  5. This is when I added green food coloring.  Just a few lines…or drops.  (we used green)  You decide.  Mix! If it seems soupy it’s ok.  Mine did too.
  6. Wash your hands because you’re gonna start touching slime…..
  7. Now get out the borax dissolved water.  
  8. Slowly add a little of the borax dissolved water to your glue and water.  SLOW.  
  9. You’ll start seeing the glue turn into slime…right before your eyes. Have your kids help out…by kneading the glue/slime. (As long as they know not to eat the slime and wash their hands!)
  10. Put your hands in and start kneading the slime as it forms.  
  11. Continue to slowly pour in a little Borax water.  Mix.  Repeat until all the slime is formed. 


You can add glitter, sequins, etc after the slime is formed.  I didn’t want to make a bigger mess so I just left ours green and let the kids play….

I found these storage containers at Michaels, (from my 1st round making slime) and they’ve done a great job of preserving the slime.  

It’s been 2 weeks and our slime recipe is holding up great!  It still seems fresh and the kids are still having a ball playing with the slime!

Looking for an easy slime recipe to make at home?  Follow these simple steps for a no-fail made at home SLIME RECIPE


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