15 ways to save money on your food bill

15 Ways to Save Money on your Food Bill

I’ve noticed a trend over the past few months in my household.  We’re eating out…A LOT!  I’m pretty much working to go out to eat…which is partly because we’re tired at the end of the work day. Also, partly because I’m horrible at planning meals for the week.  (Really…who likes cleaning up after dinner too!)  I can give reasons all day!

I know this…but something needs to change.  I need to start saving money on my food bill.  NOW.  

I’ve decided I will be focusing this spring on really saving money on my food bill.  This is what I’ve come up with to help my wallet:


  1. Plan your meals every weekend.  I know seems like a no brainer, but the last thing I feel like doing every weekend is organizing a menu, going grocery shopping and prepping.  Let me tell ya’, it’s a HUGE timesaver during your week.  It’s a pain for a few hours on your weekend, but during the work week you’ll be thanking yourself for spending the time!  I found a ton of great ideas for easy meals on Pinterest
  2. Use Coupons!  I know, coupons are hard to find.  Well I make it easy for ya, check my coupon links and easily print out the coupons you need!  Since you’ve already planned your meals, you already know what you need!  Find those coupons and use them!
  3. Download and use coupon apps on your phone. From Ibotta, to berry cart and Checkout 51, there are a number of apps you can use to get rebates or use coupons.  I saved over $200 last year with phone apps!  Download them and use them!
  4. Use a food dehydrator! It’s a great way to save food and make yummy new versions of your favorite meat, fruit and more!
  5. Buy produce that is in season.  I know that’s hard to do…I live in Colorado so when I see mini watermelon or berries in the store, I know they’re gonna be marked up in price.  I find other ways to give my family the vitamins and minerals that they may get from those fruits and veggies that are not in season.  You can always find the frozen version and serve that instead!  
  6. Limiting your eating out.  And when you do, share meals!  Most restaurants serve huge portions!  We often can share a meal and have our kids share a meal. (Sometimes we still will have left overs!)  A serving size is the size of the palm of your hand for most foods.  Use that as a guide and follow the food guide pyramid when making your food choices.  
  7. Skip the milk at the supermarket and look into your local dairy.  Our local dairy program delivers fresh, non-GMO and antibiotic milk for 20% cheaper then the store.  And it’s at my front door every week!  It’s awesome! (And I feel like it’s back in the day having a milk man!)
  8. Grow your own herbs in the window year round!  Most will bloom and do great indoors with some grow lights a few times a week and plenty of water.  
  9. In the summer, grow your own garden!  Save on veggies, fruits and spices by producing your own! (Plus gardening is a stress reliever and it’s fun.  There’s something rewarding about growing your own meal!)
  10. Buy meat and fish when it’s on sale or in bulk and freeze it!  We have a freezer in the garage just for this purpose. 
  11. Buy a cow.  Really.  If your family eats meat with most meals, it’s cheaper to buy a cow and freeze the meat then it is to buy from the grocery store. 
  12. Skip the deli and slice your own turkey and other meats.  If you’re serving deli style meats every day, this if a far more economical way and much healthier way to feed your family.  Most deli meats are FULL of preservatives to make them last longer (which means they’re bad for you!).
  13. Sign up for your grocery stores’ loyalty program.  You’ll earn fuel points with many and special coupons.  This will save you money for your gas bill and food bill! 
  14. Don’t let food go to waste.  As talked about above on #4 the food dehydrator is a great choice.  For your fresh veggies and fruits that you don’t want to dehydrate, be sure to blend up to make healthy smoothies!  All you need is a blender, bullet or something similar to do so.  Add some juice and you have a drinkable meal. The moral of the story…never throw out veggies!  Use them before they go bad!  You can also vacuum seal food to help make it last longer!
  15. Don’t skimp!  I know we’re all trying to save money but really when it comes to your food bill, quality over quantity any day.  As they say, pay the farmer or pay the doctor.  Don’t buy cheap ingredients full of dyes and fillers because they’re $1 off.  Find those deals, using theses tips and serve foods that are nutritious and delicious.  I often look for breads or meats that are expiring that day as they can be greatly discounted.  I take them home to freeze them and serve them later on!  

What tips do you have to save money on your food bill?

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