Graze Snack Box Review + How to get a Free Box

I’m a sucker for boxes…it’s apparent from my blog. When I saw another box I’ve yet to try, I jumped! My first box was free so naturally I signed up.  It’s called Graze!

It’s a healthy and yummy snack box with 8 individually wrapped snacks.  Each snack is around 100 calories, and includes dried fruits, nuts, and flavored pretzels just to name a few.  There’s hundreds of options that you can rate and help to personalize your box.
The free box comes with 4 samples.   The first paid box comes with 8 snacks and is only $11.99!



Fill out the quiz and pick the snacks you enjoy (over 100 to choose from)

Graze will hand-pick a box for you – you will get 8 tasty snacks!

You can send it to your work or home (no need to sign for the box)

With each box, the content are backed by the Graze promise!  Picked by nutritionist, with no GMO’s, no artificial flavors including high fructose corn syrup and no trans fat!goodswaps-featureIt’s an affordable yummy and healthy snack box that you can feel good about eating.

Every graze pack is a perfectly balanced portion – enough to satisfy and keep you feeling full.  The perfect portions are your one stop shop in the quest for healthy eating and snacking!

Those are some of the reasons I was tempted to try Graze, oh and that the first box is free!!  I can’t pass up FREE.  I had nothing to lose! So why not try it.

I’ve tried MANY snack boxes, but none that are $11 a month.  And none that satisfy my needs of eating healthy yummy food!

If you’re looking to try out Graze for yourself, you can head here to sign up for the free box!  If you love it, great!  If it’s not for you, you can cancel at anytime no questions asked.  This is a snack box I can and do feel good about promoting!


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