Festive Holiday Mimosas - Cranberry Mimosas

Festive Holiday Drinks – Cranberry Mimosas

Happy Holidays!  We’re a week away from Thanksgiving with the holiday season in full swing.  Which means a time for get togethers and parties!  That also means it’s time for some fun (and pretty) holiday drink options!  Need a new idea aside from your usual rum and egg nogg recipe?  I have the perfect recipe for you!  It’s fast, pretty and good!! Cranberry Mimosas!
It’s my  favorite festive holiday drink –  Cranberry Mimosas!  They’re light, refreshing and so festive.  
These mimosas will be a hit this holiday season – promise!
 Here’s what you need to pull off these festive drinks:

Holiday (Cranberry) Mimosa Ingredients:
– Your favorite champagne

– Cranberry juice  

– sugar (for the rim)

– cranberries to drop inside your cup

– simple syrup (just a dash)

Pour the champagne first, filling about 3/4 of your glass.  Then fill the rest of your glass up with cranberry juice.  
Add a dash of simple syrup and drop in a few cranberries!  
So very simple and so very yummy!
I prefer sweet champagnes, which makes for a VERY sweet drink.  If you’d like to tone it down sweet wise, try a dry champagne.  Either way you’re sure to love this drink!  (I’m so jealous that I can’t have it this year! ENJOY one for me friends!) 🙂 

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