Dream Dinners – An Experience Every Mom Should Have

Last weekend I was a guest at the Dream Dinners location in Wheatridge, Colorado.  There’s something I must fess up to…I actually can’t cook.  OK it’s not that I can’t completely cook, I just am not a good cook.  Which makes me so incredibly lucky to have a husband that is an amazing cook.  Yin and Yang!

When Dream Dinners invited me out to try out their service I was skeptical.  How am I supposed to function in a kitchen, where I don’t know where anything is?  What if everyone else notices that I’m clueless in the kitchen…I’m a Mom that can’t cook!  :|.dreamdinners

Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and I must say I’m SO glad I did!   The sign up process was seamless. I picked out the 6 meals that I wanted to try before I arrived.

When I arrived to the location, they had a bin all ready for me to keep my purse and other belongings in.  They even had emergency chocolate as they called it.  I always need emergency chocolate, duh! 😉

Then they showed me the ropes.  Each station is labeled, and you have your recipe cards to put in each bag.  It’s super easy to figure out where to go next.  You have a cheat sheet on top of each station that tells you exactly of how much of each ingredient, which are right in front of you, to put into each bag.  THIS is cooking I can do.  It was easy!!  Is that still considered cooking?

Photo Credit: https://dreamdinners.com/main.php?static=store_experience

I prepared 6 meals in under 40 minutes.  It was actually relaxing for me!  I was so proud and surprised at the same time.  I CAN cook…lol, kind of.

After I quickly prepared all my meals, I loaded them up in my cooler, which I brought with me and I was on my way.  Each meal can be frozen for months!  We prepared a meal the following day when our Sunday got a little crazy -and get this, I’M the one that prepared it!!  Yay!  I felt like I knew what I was doing.  The meal prep made it so easy to put it all together in under 30 min in the kitchen.  My children didn’t know what to say with Mom in the kitchen.

Overall I loved the service!  I can totally see myself going to Dream Dinners at least once a month to prepare meals to keep in my freezer for crazy nights.  No more eating out at expensive restaurants with toddlers.  Who likes to go to dinner with toddlers anyway right!  Make it easy and make it a night in with a quick and yummy Dream Dinners meal.

I can’t believe I didn’t know they existed until now…what an amazing resource for busy families and Mom’s like me, who can’t cook!!   NOW you can!! 🙂  Head to the Dream Dinners Website to learn more.

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