Copper Mountain Fall Festival – Witch Craft

*I was provided tickets to attend this event

Last weekend we got out of the house and spent some time in the mountains!  A MUCH needed day away from the city…and a nice change of pace from our daily grind.  (We even ditched soccer practice and a game to attend and it was SO worth it). 

This Fall Copper Mountain held a fun and festive fall festival called Witch Craft.  Complete with a haunted house, hayrides, pumpkin painting and festive foods available, it was a day to remember this season.  

Living in Colorado, fall festival are usually WAY too hot in Sept and early October to enjoy.  The family feels hot, dusty and uncomfortable trying to get into the fall spirit ….we usually end up miserable.  My favorite part about Witch Craft is that it was in the mountains!  Even in September it’s fall like and perfect for being outdoors.  I wore a sweatshirt all day and was very comfortable.  The leaves were all gold and it was a perfect day!

The kids had an absolute blast!  First we attempted to go though the haunted house, but it was too scary for kids.  So Joey was the only one to go though it.  (Although they talked about the haunted house all day).  Next we did the sing along hay ride through the mountains.  Super fun!  Then off to paint pumpkins, jump on the trampoline and even zipline.   (Watch Violet Zipline here!)

After a full day of fun we ate dinner in the village and headed home.  


BOTH kids slept the entire way home and though the night.  They were exhausted!  YAY!  lol. 


I highly recommend attending next fall to visit Witch Craft at copper mountain!  A unique and memorable fall experience in Colorado! For More Information visit here!  

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