Breathe in a Box December Review

Breathe in Box is a monthly essential oil subscription box that sends you four custom essential oil blends.  If you’re ordering the same old oils every month and feel bored, are looking to try something new, THIS is the box for you!


The box came a few weeks ago and I’ve been trying each oil blend on their own.  The December box was a nice blend of holiday scents with ingredients like Cedarwood, Spruce and Fir Needle oil!


They send small quantities of all-natural blends so that you are not left with a huge bottle that you never use up.  This I really like because I have full bottles of some oils that are not every month oils.  The smaller bottles make sense!


The Cost is: $34.95 per month

The Products: Three bottles (5 ml each) of custom blended, all natural, pure essential oils monthly

I own a diffuser and do not topically apply oils to myself or family.  I added 2-3 drops in the diffuser water and it was perfect!  My home smelled clean and festive!  Exactly why I LOVE oils!  So many benefits with no toxic effects.

The box came with a scent card to explain what to do with each scent.  My kids quickly lost my card so I’ve been experimenting with my own scents. 🙂  It’s a full proof way to effectively use oils!

If you’re interested in trying this box out head here to start!

(Disclaimer: I was provided a free box in exchange for a review)


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