Back from Vacation! Mickey’s Not So Scary Night, Diagon Alley and More…

Well I’m finally back from an amazing 8 day vacation in Florida!  We did a ton, including; Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s not so scary night party, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!  We spent lots of time on the beach and did some fishing! I even caught a hammer head shark!!! It WAS a baby so of course we threw him back…I’ve never fished in the ocean so it was hilarious when I caught the shark.  Violet screamed and ran for land when I said it was a baby shark.  Guess watching shark week around her had an impact! 🙂  Here’s some highlights of our trip:

Here’s me and the hubby fishing at sunrise…he caught 2 fish.  I caught two the night before we’re even on our fish catching skills!  I DID catch a cooler fish though..the shark:


Catch and release 🙂


Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was AMAZING! If you ever have a chance to go…GO!  You can get into magic kingdom at 4pm and it’s open until 12am.  There’s a TON to do, parades, tons of characters, rides have short lines (10 min short!), and there’s even a dance party in a club atmosphere for the kids to party with the villains!  It was so fun!  Violet was Cinderella, I was a baseball player (lame, but I wanted to wear running shoes), Jon was Mickey and my husband was a pirate.  Absolutely no rhyme or reason to our costumes but it was fun! Riding the haunted mansion on Halloween was perfect!

1554618_10152750428515516_3425810511212731619_nHere’s the entrance to the Magic Kingdom…spooky!! But adorable too.


Here’s Jon watching the parade…

10440723_10152750430430516_7744717448866300494_nGoing into Belle’s Castle for Dinner.  We were SO lucky, we tried to get reservations for months and ended up just showing up.  To our surprise someone didn’t show for a reservation so WE got in! 🙂  Belle’s castle is by far my FAVORITE room in all of magic kingdom.  They did an amazing job and it makes you feel like you’re in the movie.  I was 10 years old all over again in there!



Cinderella met Cinderella…it was perfect! No wait…. 🙂


Here’s the family at Universal, leaving the park after a day of too much butter beer and other junk!  I see a cleanse in my future.10347692_842156705808644_8024369187853297185_n

Diagon Alley – WOW. Just Wow.  They REALLY did a good job with it.  We spent hours in just this area of Universal!

1653753_840797759277872_3228334994611862609_nSomeone’s a beach baby!

10155865_840354735988841_5706117008847719869_nThis was by far our best family vacation yet!  We did a ton, saw a ton and rested a little! 🙂  Thanks for sticking around while the blog was on vacation as well! I’ll be back at it his week with ALL the frugal Organic Deals and Shopping steals for your! Just in time for the Holidays!!! 🙂

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